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Whether by the creator’s design or by forces beyond comprehension, in each generation there comes along a few titans, prodigies and champions that emit so much strength, raw magnetic appeal, and energy that affects everyone and everything around them. Once again this phenomenon has occurred, and once again the bar of excellence has been raised, this time it is from the two young ladies that form the duo” Immeasurable”. In 2002, two young ladies with a common tie that was unbeknownst to them, which is that they were both preacher’s kids, were brought together to form the dynamic duo now known as “Immeasurable”. Originally from Washington, D.C. Ronetta “Ronnie” Brooks was previously a part of another group managed by their current manager Steven Brooks Sr.  Aiyanna “Yanna” Foster is originally from Youngsville, N. C. and was introduced to Brooks by a trusted friend. Once these two amazing vocalists were brought together “Immeasurable” was born and there was no denying their collective talent! “Immeasurable” is more than just a name, it is a state of being. Webster defines Immeasurable as without bounds or limitless. When it comes to this duo music, style, and purpose are definitely without limits. In order to achieve the true greatness that God has destined the ladies, they must remove the limitations off of their lives in more ways than one. Who said that Hip-Hop, R&B, and Pop was a sound from hell? God created music and it’s up to the duo to represent him in their lyrics and lives by keeping it kingdom! With that being said, anyone that hears music from “Immeasurable” can agree that they are a true representation of the statement!They seamlessly deliver inspirational lyrics with elements of Gospel, R&B, Christian, Hip-Hop, Country, and Pop to create what is known as “Life Music”. Not only is their sound without limits, so are their stylish looks. Their outward appearance is a representation of what Jesus is and was, different, anointed, and a pure blessing to mankind. This holy team has the recipe for success. Their uniquely individual styles are more than just a fashion statement but kingdom statements as well. Ronnie rocks a Mohawk which represents being a warrior for Christ while Yanna has two ponytails which represent being childlike and they collectively wear the rainbow which represents the Promise of God and not a lifestyle(Genesis 9:13).They have utilized their time wisely to develop and perfect their craft as a powerhouse duo. Their time has come and they are running at full speed! As a testament to their musical gifts they have been given the opportunity to share the stage with some of the music industry’s greatest such as Hezekiah Walker, Paula White, Paul Morton, the late Gerald Levert, William Murphy, Donnie McClurkin, Fred Hammond, Casey J, Deitrick Haddon, Shana Wilson Williams, Le’andria Johnson, and Wess Morgan just to name a few. Every opportunity has been a learning experience for Immeasurable. Through their hardships and journey to their purpose, their album entitled, “From the Inside Out” was birthed and later released on Dec. 1, 2017. This album represents the struggles of the group, their worries, their fears, and their doubts that were silenced during their 3 ½ long years of homelessness that occurred after they turned down a major record deal to do secular music. This album expresses how their hopelessness turned into hopefulness when they finally freed themselves from people and attached themselves to purpose. Their music has a universal reach that is not only listened to by audiences in the U. S. but by music lovers internationally. It's not often you come across artists with such a broad scope of talent. These ladies believe that in life everyone has a purpose and theirs is to be IMMEASURABLE!

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